Tom & Jackie - Maternity

It was such a pleasure to meet and capture a special time in Tom and Jackie's life, getting ready to welcome their little baby girl soon. We had so much fun shooting around Coronado at the Hotel Del, Jackie looked absolutely stunning in her two dresses that complimented her baby bump so well. I made the flower crown to go with both looks. 
One of my favorite parts about shooting them was how much they laughed together, they radiate love and affection for eachother and I know that baby girl is going to have some awesome parents. 

Flower Crown made by me
Hair by Holly instagram
Pink gown by Pink Blush Maternity

Pumpkin Patch

So we've been talking about wanting to take a drive up to Julian, CA during the fall season. Spontaneously Saturday morning we hit the road early, even taking the back road, to get there! 
There's something about being spontaneous and adventurous, some of my favorite memories were unplanned. 
So glad I decided to bring my real camera to document. 

If you look close you can see our little town of Pine Valley in this first photo!

Boudoir Styled Shoot

I put together my very first styled boudoir shoot with the help of Sarah of beauty bespoken, who is a fabulous makeup artist. Boudoir photography has quickly become one of my favorite things to shoot, I can't get enough and I love showing women how beautiful they are! 
If you are interested in a session at my studio or even your home, I would love to chat more with you. 
You can email me at

Please follow all of the vendors that helped with this beautiful shoot!
Makeup by Sarah beautybespoken

Hair by Holly instagram

Jewelry by Jennifer housgoods

Models Devon and Melanie Devon Melanie

If you would like to see more of my work please follow my instagram page, sorry guys, ladies only!! Boudoir by Christy

We had a florist lined up but unfortunately at the last minute couldn't deliver the flowers. I love putting together arrangements, although I am not a professional, I had fun putting the bouquets together. All photos were done in my home studio, located in Pine Valley CA. 

South Family

This family is so near and dear to me and this session is one of my favorites from this year. I've been photographing the South fam since little Logan was just a tiny newborn. He has grown into a sweet boy with a funny personality and so full of energy!! 
Thank you again for trusting me with such precious memories. 

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Christy, I'm a wifey, mama to 2, a dreamer, a believer and photographer. I started on this photography journey 10 years ago when my hubby gifted me my first camera on my 21st birthday. I believe God gave me this gift of photography and I intend to use it to bring Him all the glory! I love to capture real, raw moments that provoke emotion in people. I'm not a big fan of posing people but rather capturing them in their element, with natural interactions and beautiful natural light! Capturing real memories for you and your family to cherish. Please take a look at my gallery of work HERE to see more!

Here's a few more things about me that you may not know.
 Most days you'll find me at home raising my little boy, Hunter 5 and little girl, River 3. I also love to craft/DIY, love wine, coffee and donuts not all at the same time, except the coffee and donuts.
My guilty pleasure is the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I've been married to my hubby now for 12 years, we started dating as babies, when I was only 14 and we still like eachother ;)

We live in the small mountain town of Pine Valley, CA about 45 minutes from downtown San Diego. Both my hubby and I have dreamed of living in a quiet, smaller, rural place to raise our kiddos and are so incredibly happy and blessed after moving here a year and a half ago.

I hope you stick around for a while and take a look at my blog/journal. I love to document all of my clients images as well as personal ones.

Now that you know a little about me, I would love to get to know you!
Please contact me HERE so we can chat
and thanks again for stopping by!

Brylee-first birthday

This sweet girl just celebrated her first birthday! I had the pleasure of doing a cake smash session in the studio with her, then we headed to our local park for a few photos outside with the flower crown I made her. 
I love capturing little ones at this age, although she wasn't feeling very well this day I think we got some cute shots of her with the help of her mama and grandma. You can never predict little one's mood for the day, sometimes you have to just go with the flow. 

Happy First Birthday Brylee!!

Olivia-Artist Session

"I'm an artist and when you buy from me you are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experiments. You are buying a piece of my heart and soul, a moment of my life."

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
Pablo Picasso

A jeweler, calligrapher and beautiful person on the inside and out. I first "met" Olivia through San Diego's Tuesdays Together group on facebook. When we planned a shoot that focused on her I was excited to watch and capture an artist at work. I myself used to make and sell jewelry, not as gorgeous or labor intensive as hers but I have an appreciation for her work. This girl is so talented and has a sweet soul, give her a follow and support her art.

When thinking of a location for the shoot I wanted a relaxed environment, obliviously someplace with a trendy eye catching vibe and with tables. So what better place than a coffee shop! Communal Coffee shop has such a beautiful, simplistic design feel to it. Its a great place to meet up with friends or work with your favorite drink. 

Olivia, I can't wait to meet up and work together again! 

Lake Tahoe

Well I can finally check Lake Tahoe off my bucket list! I can't wait to go back again, maybe next year?! There was so much to see and do and great for families. We explored Cascade lake waterfall, Popes and Sand Harbor beaches, Truckee River, the local farmers market, plus had a gorgeous/huge mansion for all 20 plus of my hubby's extended family. 

On our last day there we learned there was a black bear just hanging out all day in our neighbors tree!! Its hard to see but its in the middle tree.

My favorite spot on our trip was east Lake Tahoe in Sand Harbor beach. The water there was unbelievably clear blue, I just had to jump in, climb some rocks and explore.
Be adventurous ;)

Daniel & Abby - Engaged

This engagement session was such a dream to photograph, I was pretty excited when Abby said she wanted to shoot their photos at Balboa Park. There's soooo many spots there to choose from it can actually be a little overwhelming! Plus I didn't want to capture photos focused on the location but rather this gorgeous couple and their sweet connection, I think the photos tell a beautiful story of their relationship. Daniel and Abby thank you so much for the privilege of capturing your love story. 

I also loved that they wanted to include their two fur babies! Incorporating your personality and life into your session is something that I encourage all my clients to do!

Flower crown was made by me

Foltz Family-family/anniversary session

I just adore capturing families, those real and raw moments that you can't pose or make up just bring big warm fuzzies to my heart. I'm pretty sure after this session I was a little sore from chasing these two busy kids around (I really need to workout more), Vanessa I give you props girl for keeping up with them, you are a rockstar mama!
Vanessa and Tyler (my cuz "cousin") were also getting ready to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary and wanted some photos of just the two of them. I absolutely, like 100%, think that getting photos together shouldn't stop after the wedding. Celebrate your relationship, the love and strength that it takes to make a marriage work and last. Its beautiful and should always be recognized. 

I'll stop jabbering so you can look at all these sweet shots from this session. 
Thanks again Foltz fam for giving me the privilege to capture these precious memories for you.  

Lilah - newborn lifestyle session

My heart is just bursting with happiness for this family right here! Little Lilah Penelope (cutest name right?!) is such a beautiful mix of both Levi and Samantha. 

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. -Winnie the Pooh

The joy a newborn brings to the home is a feeling that can only be described or understood if you've experienced it for yourself. It is also a time that goes by far too quickly and you want to soak up every minute as much as possible (except for maybe all those sleepless nights and fussing). 
Congratulations Kottas family and thank you again for having me in your home for such a special session.

Three FAQ about photography sessions

Hi! Happy almost friday! I absolutely love the weekends because it always means family time and usually a photography session or event. I've had some beautiful sessions all around San Diego recently with perfect weather, right now is the best time (before it gets too hot) to have photos taken. Then again we always seem to have the perfect weather here!
This post it meant to help answer a few questions I get regularly, in hopes to make it easier for you to schedule your desired session with me! Again, if you have any questions about a session please don't hesitate to ask! I'm even happy to take you out for coffee to meet in person!

The first question/concern I'm going to address (also the most uncomfortable topic to talk about, so we'll get it out of the way first) that might be holding you back from a session is 

"I don't have the extra money to book a session!"

I totally understand not always having extra money for things that aren't in our budget. My best piece of advice for this is to plan ahead! So we're in the month of June, lets say you want to book a session for sometime in September, this gives you 3 months of setting aside some money. I require a deposit to book any session, typically $50-100, and that deposit will hold your date and time for you, so when I recommend booking your session now this doesn't mean you need to come up with all the money right now. I also accept credit cards now through which has helped tremendously with my workflow, contracts, and even other contacts in the creative industry.

The second question/concern I want to address is

"I don't have the time to set aside for a session"

Life gets busy, things come up and before we know it we haven't gotten around to doing all the things we wanted to! Again, plan ahead, this way we have something on the calendar and can plan life around this. Planning ahead can also set your mind at ease about saving money, finding outfits and sitting down with me to plan your perfect session!

The final question/concern I want to talk about has to do with our body image, not wanting to be in photos because we "need to lose a few more pounds", "hate the way my body, hair, face, mind is after having babies", "not liking my smile", "my double chin", "I'm not tan enough, skinny enough, pretty enough" 


I have said all these things at some point, I'm still a work in progress, but learning to love myself the way I am, double chin and all ;)
Please don't let this be the reason that's holding you back from getting photos done. I've had several of my clients tell me after a session, even boudoir, that they are so happy I captured this time in their lives and were happy they didn't let these issues or concerns hold them back. 
You won't get this time of your life back, time passes, kids grow, people change and your photos are such a beautiful, tangible way of remembering. I've gotten so much joy looking through old and recent photos of me with my loved ones that those concerns don't even matter at this point. 

Studio Session - Adkins Family

Well this family was such a delight to meet! They were the winner's of my mothers day studio session giveaway and we had such a fun time at their session! Little Colby was such a cutie in front of the camera and the connection this family has was the sweetest to witness. Check out the blog that Mom, Elisabeth, helps write for
It was such a pleasure to meet you Adkins family and to be able to capture some beautiful memories for your family. 

Gorgeous handmade paper flower crown made by Donna-Paperave

Little farmer - first birthday party

I love planning my kiddos birthday parties, besides the cleanup, details and DIY are my thing. So is capturing them! We just had my daughter's third birthday this past weekend and she requested everything pink! 
This little guys farmer first birthday party was the cutest! His mama did such a great job with all the details, we made sure to get some cute photos of the birthday boy before he got dirty or was completely over it. 
Need photos of your little's birthday parties!?! You know where to find me!

fill out the FORM HERE to inquire



Mommy and Me sessions-Melissa and Sonny

I'm finally getting around to blogging the rest of this adorable mommy and me session with my friend Melissa and her son Sonny! I had so much fun planning and styling this session this special session. I found the skirt on Amazon, the floral arrangements were made by Rebecca Barney:Barney Designs and we shot the outdoor photos in my neighborhood of Pine Valley!

One of my goals for this session was to give Mom her time to shine. I was going for kind of an ethereal forest princess feel and my good friend and amazing tattoo artist Jenna helped with the direction. 

The Studio

I'm happy to now offer my in home studio for your session! This space is perfect for a small family session, boudoir session, maternity session, newborn, or couples cuddle session!
Located in beautiful Pine Valley CA about 45 minutes from Downtown San Diego and surrounding cities. 

Mommy and Me Studio Session

I met this sweet mama who also happens to be a very talented photographer at my MOPs group about a year ago. I had the privledge of working along side her as a second shooter last year.

Photography has opened up so many opportunities for me, its been such a blessing to have met new people, give the gift of memories, have an outlet/job that I'm truly passionate about. It makes me incredibly happy that I could provide this mama with some special photos of just her and her boys. 

Flower Crown handmade by the insanely talented: Donna of Paperave
Photos taken in my home studio

Northern California Roadtrip - Wanderlust Photography

The World is too big to stay in just one place and life is too short to do just one thing.

We decided the week before to just hit the road and go someplace. As a family we haven't done a vacation together since River was born so I was pretty excited to have this time together. We drove up North all the way to Redding California where my little sis and her hubby live. We visited Shasta Dam then up a little more to Whiskeytown Lake.

It was so good to visit my sissy again while she was on her spring break, the kids couldn't get enough of Auntie Shell. 

Hunter's face when we had to leave Auntie's :( 
After a few days we left Redding CA and headed to the coast to see the gorgeous Redwoods, made it to Paul Bunyan and his blue OX at the Trees of Mystery. We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Forest Cafe drove back down the 101 and stopped a few other places on the way back to our campground.

Driftwood for days! This was one of my favorite things about this beautiful beach we stumbled upon. Gosh I love exploring new places and making new memories with this bunch. 

Despite a little bit of rain and alot of driving, the kids did sooooo good in the car and really enjoyed our trip together. 

I call this driveby shooting (harhar)

The Stylish Housewife-Blogger Shoot

Besides having the two blogger shoots at the workshop I attended I have never shot with a blogger before! I met Jenn through instagram, she is the stylish housewife and blogs about fashion. We had such a great time walking around Westfield UTC mall and got some really great shots. It was so nice to meet you Jenn and look forward to working with you again in the future!