Ghazi and Viri-Wedding

I had the pleasure of capturing THEE most insanely beautifully styled wedding I've seen back in April. Not only was this couple beautiful but every detail was perfect. The location was something out of a dream and the florals were over the top amazing!
I'm so honored to be apart of one of the most important day of someones lives! I absolutely LOVE my job. 

reading letters they wrote to each other before the ceremony, I love that they decided to not see each other beforehand but to read a special note. There were tears. 

If I could do any other job I would be a florist, except for the fact that it takes SKILLLZZ to do that job!! Like florists are sooo talented!

Second shooting for Katherine Beth Photography

Daydreamer Workshop

One of my big goals for 2017 was to attend a workshop. Education is an ongoing important part of not only business but in our everyday life. I knew that attending a workshop was something I needed and wanted to do in order to keep learning, improving my skills and gaining knowledge that would benefit my photography business. 
I found the DAYDREAMERS WORKSHOP on one of the facebook groups I'm in. Sam and Erica, husband and wife photography team, were the ones behind putting on this workshop that approximately 12 photographers attended. What intrigued me about this particular workshop, besides the fact that its pretty much the only local one for me, was the description. 


So glad you asked! Adventure photography is just that, an adventure! We learn best by stepping out of our comfort zones and "go-to" locations for photography. In this workshop, we are going to venture out into places not usually traveled to explore and create some epic pictures. 

One of the many aspects I LOVE about photography is the adventure in it! Each session, environment, clients, experience is different and an exciting unexpected adventure for me! 
I had such an amazing time getting to know other photographers, shooting with them, networking, learning how they do things and creating new friendships! 
All the vendors that participated with their goods/services killed it too! Thank you all for the experience and good time!


Florals  Leah-bespoke occasions
Makeup Ariel
Felt Florals created by coco
Jewelry wild cloud
Cake Rachel


Idaho holds a very special place in our hearts, our second family lives there and we get to visit once or twice every year. This past weekend the hubby, his mama and I got to spend time visiting and attending Makayla and Mike's wedding. Makayla Apostolou is a very talented portrait photographer in Boise, look her up if your ever in the Boise area!
We had a great time relaxing and spending time together without the munchkins, it was a much needed break but we definitely missed them by the end of the weekend. 

We watched the sunset at the top of table rock overlooking the Boise valley. This place is just a breathe of fresh air everytime I'm here, it's so different from the hustle and bustle of San Diego living.

 I only took a few iphone photos at the wedding, they had an unplugged ceremony which I think is a great way to allow the photographers to capture the wedding without distractions. The French garden theme was absolutely gorgeous, all the details were creatively put together.
Congratulations to the new couple! Hope your enjoying your honeymoon in Santorini Greece!

Fall Mini-Sessions

I'm excited to host my very first mini-sessions! Each mini-session will be 20-30 minutes long and will be held at beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego. You will receive 10 high resolution images on CD, perfect for making holiday cards or prints.

Mini-Sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture a few professional images and just in time for the holidays! Please email me to book your session before they are all taken!

Stayed tuned for a blog post about suggestions on what to wear to a session!


I realized I hadn't done an inspiration post in a really long time!! So here it is, almost everyday I find myself scrolling through pinterest website. I have to admit I have become a little over obsessive about it. I get soo much inspiration from all the pictures.
such as....

clothing ideas!

all kinds of DIY projects

workout inspiration.....maybe if I look at enough pictures I will magically look like them.........probably not ; )

haha and yummy food! I get alot of my dinner ideas from pinterest

great room ideas, decorating inspiration

and alot of fun photography inspiration!

Happy Wednesday!! ♥♥♥Christy

Shooting stuff

My hubby and I, we like to shoot stuff. He shoots animals with his gun and bow, I shoot people..............with my camera of course!! Last night we went out to balboa park to their archery range so he could practice. It wasn't my idea of an exciting date night, but I really had a great time shooting my hubby ;) and watching him shoot! He's my Robin hood :)


Getting bored.....


Kelly and Michelle~Married!

My baby sister got married already over a month ago! It has taken me quit a while to edit all the photos, I'm not sharing all of them on my blog because I didn't take all of them! I will be posting the rest of the photos up on facebook.

I'm so happy for these two, they are completely in love and finally together to start their marriage. Congratulations you two, love you!!



Prints and photo books are both beautiful ways to display your photography session. Your family and friends will be able to admire your photos when they are easily accessible. I recently made two photo books for two Valentines Day boudoir sessions. They turned out great and both ladies husbands loved them! I really like hearing satisfied clients responses to their session and the outcome of their photos. Photography has been such a rewarding and satisfying experience for me. I am so blessed to give people the gift of cherished memories and smiling faces. Please contact me if you are interested in booking a session with me!


2010 ~ A year in rewind

Another year has come and gone. 2010 was a huge blessing in sooo many ways and I am very greatful for everything. I am especially grateful to all my amazing clients this year, you have all helped make my dreams come true. I have made some new friends and learned so much to guide me on this journey and I can't wait to see where it will take me.

Photography has opened my eyes to the beauty of life, the cherished moments that are captured to last forever and be remembered.

I am bursting with excitement about what this coming year will bring. New friends, experiences, projects, ideas, inspiration, growth, and lots of new captured memories!

Happy New Year!