365 project-March 2019/San Diego Portrait Photography/personal

So out of 30 days I only have 10 images for the month of March, I’m thinking I should put a reminder in my phone to take a photo a day. I’ve noticed doing this project has made me pay attention to details and thinking outside of the box or my norm of shooting.


March 1st 2019- a visit to the plant store to pick out some new plant babies. River named one “Charlie”


March 3rd-Smiley boy


March 4th-”I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”


March 7th-Always dancing


March 8th-Details I don’t ever want to forget. I can’t wait to recreate this photo when they are older.


March 15th- Watching her do these simple things that she loves, like painting or drawing, makes me so happy.


March 18th- Morning cartoons


March 20th-Visits from Nonnie are always fun.


March 24th- Warm days


March 25th- Spending the day with cousins, playing at the park


March 30th- Visiting grandma and grandpa in Redding, making new memories over spring break.

365 project- February 2019, Christy Golder Photography

February is one of those months that seems to always fly by! We had our first real snow fall and then at the end of the month we visited one of our favorite family’s in Idaho to attend a wedding. I love being able to capture the little things that happen in each day.


February 1st Just a slow morning watching my girl do crafts by the fire.


February 4th Building forts on a rainy day


February 5th On a drive up in the Laguna Mountains in the fog.


February 6th Our first dusting of snow this year!


February 7th Morning routines. Sitting on the couch texting good morning messages to Papa.


February 10th Making Valentines Day cookies


February 11th Spider-man filling in for Papa.


February 13th One of those days I slowed down and just snuggled with my girl in her bed, the lighting in her room was catching all of her beauty.


February 15th goofy kiddos, this girl is always dancing.


February 17th Watching the rain, awaiting the snow


February 18th This boy gets soooo excited for snow, he’s obsessed


February 20th Airport hangs. Getting ready to take off for Idaho.


February 21st “Mama, I want to eat all the snow, but don’t ever eat the yellow snow!”


February 24th I love photographing horses any chance I get, they are just so beautiful and majestic!

365 Project

One of my goals this year was to take more photos of our everyday life as a family. Not only to document such a precious year as my littles grow up but to stretch and grow my photography skills. Best decision, I can’t tell you how precious these photos are to me. I haven’t put too much pressure on myself, I only took 14 out of the first 31 days of 2019…….grace. I also need to jot down a little note for each image so I don’t forget why I took a particular frame and what it means to me.


JANUARY 1st We drove up to Laguna Mountain to find snow.


JANUARY 3rd FOCUSED. Some rare alone time with my boy while sister was at preschool, playing a new favorite game.


JANUARY 4th A big milestone for our 6 year old, first tooth lost!


JANUARY 5th nightly routine of getting ready for bed, brushing teeth and hair.


JANUARY 6th Rain


JANUARY 7th self portrait


JANUARY 9th hike with friends after the rain.


JANUARY 16th working on homework.


JANUARY 20th Legos on a a Sunday morning.


JANUARY 23rd My girl, my muse. Doing some creative photos.


JANUARY 24th morning cuddles before school.


JANUARY 26th dancing before ballet class


JANUARY 28th not a fan of electronics but at least they are together….


JANUARY 29th Evening walk after school, one of my favorite things about where we live.

Life Lately-personal post

Hi!! Hope your having a fabulous thursday! Mine is going great except for the fact that I have a cold, but I'm sitting on the couch all morning with coffee in hand working, so I can't complain too much ;) 
It's been so long since I've done a personal post, I love being able to look back at these to see how much has changed and how much my babies have grown. 
Hunter had his spring break about a week ago and got 2 whole weeks off from school! We had a few days out and about doing fun things but mostly stayed home. We had fun Easter morning going through the kids baskets and getting ready for Easter at my mother in laws.

I was feeling inspired by a Pinterest find and decided to make these dirt cupcakes with chocolate covered strawberries, they were delish and super cute right!?! 

Went to visit my big bro in Temecula one day! How adorable is my niece?!

Hunter has been doing soccer for the spring season and so far likes it, here's some photos at one of his saturday games.
Its pretty cute watching all these 4-6 year olds chasing after this ball, there's basically no white lines when your this little. 

River has been loving her ballet classes and is getting really good! 

She has also become quite the chicken whisperer, which is major progress from when we first brought these girls home. She asks me a couple times a day "Mama, can we go check on the baby chicks?" its pretty cute. We finished the coop this past weekend, except for a few minor things that need to be done in the future. I will post more pictures of that soon because it turned out super adorable!!

Cauliflower Pizza

Ok, heres my secret to EASY cauliflower pizza! Riced cauliflower, preferably from Trader Joes, will save you so much time. Putting this blog post together I realized I didn't take many step by step photos, but you shouldn't need too many this is an easy recipe. I am not a food blogger so bare with me ;) 

1 cup riced cauliflower
2 eggs
about 1/3 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
2 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese  
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano

Mix all these ingredients together and form little patties on a baking sheet. Bake in oven at 425 for about 15ish minutes or until golden brown, but don't overcook because you will be putting them back into the oven with the toppings. 

they should look something like this before you put all the toppings on. Here's the part I skipped, showing you everything I put on mine. I figured everyone likes there pizza different, there isn't just one way to do it. 
I used pesto sauce instead of marinara, then topped with spinach, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, feta and a little more mozzarella. I put the pizza back in the oven for maybe 5 minutes, just to let the cheese melt and topped with crushed red peppers after because I like my food spicy!!
That's it!!! Now here's, probably more than necessary, a few pictures of the same thing at different angles (LOL). 

Pumpkin Patch

So we've been talking about wanting to take a drive up to Julian, CA during the fall season. Spontaneously Saturday morning we hit the road early, even taking the back road, to get there! 
There's something about being spontaneous and adventurous, some of my favorite memories were unplanned. 
So glad I decided to bring my real camera to document. 

If you look close you can see our little town of Pine Valley in this first photo!

Lake Tahoe

Well I can finally check Lake Tahoe off my bucket list! I can't wait to go back again, maybe next year?! There was so much to see and do and great for families. We explored Cascade lake waterfall, Popes and Sand Harbor beaches, Truckee River, the local farmers market, plus had a gorgeous/huge mansion for all 20 plus of my hubby's extended family. 

On our last day there we learned there was a black bear just hanging out all day in our neighbors tree!! Its hard to see but its in the middle tree.

My favorite spot on our trip was east Lake Tahoe in Sand Harbor beach. The water there was unbelievably clear blue, I just had to jump in, climb some rocks and explore.
Be adventurous ;)

Northern California Roadtrip - Wanderlust Photography

The World is too big to stay in just one place and life is too short to do just one thing.

We decided the week before to just hit the road and go someplace. As a family we haven't done a vacation together since River was born so I was pretty excited to have this time together. We drove up North all the way to Redding California where my little sis and her hubby live. We visited Shasta Dam then up a little more to Whiskeytown Lake.

It was so good to visit my sissy again while she was on her spring break, the kids couldn't get enough of Auntie Shell. 

Hunter's face when we had to leave Auntie's :( 
After a few days we left Redding CA and headed to the coast to see the gorgeous Redwoods, made it to Paul Bunyan and his blue OX at the Trees of Mystery. We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Forest Cafe drove back down the 101 and stopped a few other places on the way back to our campground.

Driftwood for days! This was one of my favorite things about this beautiful beach we stumbled upon. Gosh I love exploring new places and making new memories with this bunch. 

Despite a little bit of rain and alot of driving, the kids did sooooo good in the car and really enjoyed our trip together. 

I call this driveby shooting (harhar)

Blueberry crumble muffins

I am not a baker. However, I do enjoy baked goods. I found this recipe for blueberry crumble muffins the other day on PINTEREST that the kids and I whipped together in about 30 minutes. I will not disclose how many I indulged in but lets just say they are pretty amazing. The perfect blend of flavors, not dry at all! 
P.S. I had them in the oven for about 20 minutes, it recommended 20-25 minutes and I used half and half instead of buttermilk because that is what I had on hand.

you can find the RECIPE HERE on my Pinterest Board.


Being outside with your kiddos can give you life again. It's all those little unplanned moments and days that make up some of my most fondest memories. Showing my kiddos the world around them makes my heart happy and fulfilled. 
This day wasn't anything super special but I loved getting out with my kiddos and mama to enjoy a beautiful San Diego day. If you haven't been to this park yet, you must go. I wouldn't recommend it for little ones, even River can't get up this hill by herself to get up to the slide, Its right outside of the San Diego County Administration Center. Tomorrow we are hitting up the zoo with my mama in law! Where are some of your favorite places to visit/explore with your littles? I'd love some new ideas, insp, etc. Enjoy the rest of this week!!

Love that I found this!!! Yeah I don't get out much, The Rising Tide Society is a community built to inspire creatives and this is their moto! Love it!

Alaska Part 2

Its a little over due but I finally blogged the rest of our Alaska Cruise Photos from July 2016! I could have sworn I got more photos but I think we were too busy soaking it all in that I didn't snap as many as I thought I did! I have so many wonderful memories from this trip that I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone, put this on your bucket list!
The beauty that surrounded us was breathtaking. The first few photos are from our stop in Haines Alaska which was beautiful but didn't offer much to do, especially with small children. We had a short afternoon there just walking around the port, visiting a local brewery and playground. The water and sky was absolutely gorgeous that day so I was able to get some good photos of the ship at dock.

Our next stop was in Juneau Alaska where we took a tram up to some hiking trails along the mountains. The view was something I will never forget, the photos don't do it justice. I look back on these photos and can't believe how much my kiddos have grown! I absolutely love family vacations and the memories made exploring, resting and just being together. I seriously can't wait for our next one coming up to Lake Tahoe!!

Getting ready for Christmas

I wish it could be Christmas everyday.

From the glow of the twinkling lights to the excitement of Christmas morning, this time of year brings so much joy and warmth.

The Holiday season has always been my favorite time of the whole year, since having my own kiddos the joy this season brings has grown ten times. Seeing everything through they're eyes is so special and drives me to give them a magical and memorable Christmas each year.

One of my fondest memories of my grandma was baking cookies and seeing her house decorated for Christmas, it was so magical. She had beautiful hand crotched ornaments made by her and trinkets from Germany where she grew up.

When I was a kid, Christmas was all about the magic and wonder, being an adult I now understand why all the grown ups were so stressed out around the holidays! There's a lot involved, from the parties to making sure you get all the gifts and other things checked off your list, plus as a photographer this is my busy season!

Let's remember what this Holiday is all about and focus on what's most important. Its too easy to get caught up in the material and business of our schedules but lets stop to really soak in all the warmth, magical, coziness of it all.

From my family to yours we want to wish you all the very merriest Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is Peace, Joy and Love and maybe some snow. Its in the forecast this weekend and I can't contain my excitement, one of the reasons we moved out of the city and into our mountain town.


Life lately

Its been so long since I've written a personal post on my blog! I love looking back on these, seeing the photos and reading about all the small things that make up this life of ours. We moved into our new home in the mountain town of Pine Valley CA in the middle of June, time slow down! Doesn't feel like we have been here for almost 6 months. We absolutely love it here and are slowly making the house feel like our home, there are times where I really miss our old place though. Its about 45 minutes away from most of our friends and family but we knew that we would have to sacrifice a few things to have what we felt was most important for our family.
We put Hunter into a new preschool about 15 minutes from home and he's been doing great there! He just turned 4 in August and is obsessed with Legos. River turned 2 in May and I'm still holding onto her being my baby, no matter how big she gets! We tried potty training her a few weeks ago but she wasn't quite ready, but she is in a big girl bed now and loves having her own room. We love being outside here everyday either playing around the house or going on walks up the street to visit the goats, horses and even turtles! We can also walk to the library and park or friends houses!
I'm getting so excited for our "first" holidays here, decorating and hosting friends and family. Plus we will get snow! I seriously can't wait! 

Alaksa-part one

 We had such an amazing time on our Alaskan cruise taking in the sites and spending quality time with family, all 29 of us! We couldn't have asked for better weather, the only rain we had was on our last port in Ketchikan. I HIGHLY recommend this cruise to anyone interested in seeing Alaska. I've gone through and edited our first part of the trip to put together this post.
We flew into Anchorage Alaska, then took a train the next day to Seward Alaska where our ship was docked. Unfortunately I had my nice camera packed in my checked bag so I didn't have it on the train ride. The first day was out to sea and on the second day we went through glacier bay and I'll say that the photos don't even do it justice, you must see it in person. The contrast between the snowy mountain peaks to the green trees and the crystal blue water was breathtaking. For some reason blogger uploaded these photos out of order, which doesn't really matter and no one knows except for the people that were on the trip. anyway..... theres not much to share about the first part of our trip so I'll save all that for part two. I hope you enjoy the photos!



Idaho holds a very special place in our hearts, our second family lives there and we get to visit once or twice every year. This past weekend the hubby, his mama and I got to spend time visiting and attending Makayla and Mike's wedding. Makayla Apostolou is a very talented portrait photographer in Boise, look her up if your ever in the Boise area!
We had a great time relaxing and spending time together without the munchkins, it was a much needed break but we definitely missed them by the end of the weekend. 

We watched the sunset at the top of table rock overlooking the Boise valley. This place is just a breathe of fresh air everytime I'm here, it's so different from the hustle and bustle of San Diego living.

 I only took a few iphone photos at the wedding, they had an unplugged ceremony which I think is a great way to allow the photographers to capture the wedding without distractions. The French garden theme was absolutely gorgeous, all the details were creatively put together.
Congratulations to the new couple! Hope your enjoying your honeymoon in Santorini Greece!

Life lately

Well here we are already into spring and getting ready for summertime. This time of year always gets busy for our family with birthday's, our wedding anniversary(next weekend, 11 years!!), trips, all while juggling our everyday life as well. River turns two on May 6th and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I no longer have a baby but still kind of love it at the same time.
We are currently in escrow with two properties, selling our house and buying our new one in Pine Valley. I have so many mixed emotions about relocating to a new place, it's only a 45 minute drive from where we live currently but will be a different way of living for our family. I'm so excited for the move and what life will look like out in a small mountain town.
I'll share more on our move once we are closer to moving, and photos!!! :) 
I stay busy with my two munchkins and love almost every minute of our days together (toddlers can be moody). Hunter is still in preschool two half days a week and he absolutely loves it. We plan on keeping him there even after we move and have those days to visit family in town. A friend of mine recently shared how she misses the days with her kids before they started elementary school. It made me realize that just like the "baby stage" these days will pass all too quickly. We are incredibly blessed to have the freedom, especially as a stay at home mom, to basically do what we want with our days. There are obviously days where household chores or running errands take priority. We have created so many fun and memorable experiences together when we take the time to explore and play.
I will miss these days, letting them be little.
"Enjoy the little things in life,
for one day you will look back and realize
they were the big things."

Project 52 week 15

We're getting ready to move into a bigger home soon with the hopes that these two will have their own rooms. I'm excited for them to have their own space, especially for naptime. On one hand I know how special it can be to share a room with your sibling.
I wonder who's room they will play in more?!

Easter 2016

  Easter this year was so much fun and an absolutely beautiful day spent with family to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for each and everyone of us. Our day started bright and early, as everyday with toddler's does, the kids found they're easter baskets pretty quickly and started digging in. I tried to limit the sugar because I knew they would be getting some later in the day. I filled a couple eggs with some coins, Hunter loves getting money. River got new undies, I'm not even close to being ready for potty training...ugh. but figured I would start adding to her collection for when we are ready. They also got the Good Dinosaur movie, bubbles, bath bubbles fruit snacks and some coloring books with stickers and crayons.
After baskets we got ready and went to early church service before we headed to my hubby's Aunt's house to be with his Mom's side of the family. The rest of the day was spent there chasing kids around, visiting (including my two adorable nieces), eating lots of great food, blowing bubbles and an easter egg hunt.
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Project 52 week 11

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs and for the life of me I can't remember if River participated last year!?! Unless we didn't do Easter eggs last year, that would make this her first time! She absolutely loved it and got dye on her pretty shirt, that's the reason for the shirt change. Hunter so sweetly looked at the chalkboard and said "Mama, I love your cute bunnies!" Excited for Easter Sunday and the week ahead.
Happy Wednesday!