Evan//Lifestyle Newborn session//San Diego Newborn Photographer

This Newborn session is so near and dear to my heart, I’m so thankful I get the opportunity to photograph family and all their seasons of life! These two have been waiting a long time to grow their family and I am so happy Evan has come into their lives forever.

In home Lifestyle Newborn sessions are , in my opinion, one of the most authentic ways to capture this precious time. What better place to shoot in than in your own home!? Its the best environment for mama, baby and the rest of the family.


Evan Stowell

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.


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Kleinertz Family - in home newborn session

Shooting in home newborn family sessions (whew, thats a mouthfull) gives me allll the feels!  The Kleinertz family invited me into their sweet home and introduced me to their brand new baby boy, Remy. How cute is that name!?! Keep scrolling to see more of this adorable family plus I wrote a few tips when planning your in home newborn session.

Thank you again Kleinertz family for having me in your home to capture this special time for your beautiful family. 

I wanted to share a few tips when planning an in home newborn session that might help prepare and give you ideas when planning for yours!
When to plan your session? I recommend within the first, at least, three weeks after baby is born. You want to wait until after you have been home and settled for a few days from the hospital but don't wait too long, babies tend to stop sleeping all day long and will get into routines and begin to be more fussy on a daily basis, sorry new mamas! I have shot plenty of one month old babies in their homes and it goes well so please don't let this detour you, its only my recommendation. 

Make sure baby is fed and has a clean diaper before your photographer arrives. Have any other family members dressed and ready before this as well. It's a good idea, if you have other littles to make sure their bellies are full before your session. 

What to wear for an in home session? I always recommend some comfy clothes when doing an in home session! It's typically not the session to pick out those fancy dresses or have your guy in slacks. I recommend starting with Mom, when you are comfortable and feeling good in what your wearing it shines through in the photos. Pick colors and patterns that would compliment your homes decor! I prefer a neutral palette but if you like bright bold colors than you do you! Remember when dressing a family, matchy matchy doesn't work and is a little old fashioned. Think coordinating, choose 2-3 colors and work with what you have. You can mix patterns as long as they compliment eachother. 

You don't need to have a gorgeous designer home to do an in home session. All a photographer needs is a space next to a door, window with good lighting and we will work our magic. I've even moved peoples furniture around to get just the right angle or wall I want to use. So please don't let this stop you from doing an in home session. Nothing beats the comfort and cozy of your own home and to have that captured in photos with the ones you love will be something you will cherish forever. 

Lilah - newborn lifestyle session

My heart is just bursting with happiness for this family right here! Little Lilah Penelope (cutest name right?!) is such a beautiful mix of both Levi and Samantha. 

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. -Winnie the Pooh

The joy a newborn brings to the home is a feeling that can only be described or understood if you've experienced it for yourself. It is also a time that goes by far too quickly and you want to soak up every minute as much as possible (except for maybe all those sleepless nights and fussing). 
Congratulations Kottas family and thank you again for having me in your home for such a special session.

Lopez family-Newborn Photography

Little Andres Alfonso Lopez was born on February 8th 2017 to Alfonso and Joanna Lopez. This cutie was so calm and good for his newborn session and his big sister's were so helpful and loving! I absolutely love and feel so privileged to document this time in family's lives, I know how quickly the newborn phase comes and goes. 

Emanuel Newborn Photography

Meet Emanuel, believe it or not my husband's newest cousin. Born 3 weeks ago, this tiny guy is the cutest newborn! I took these photos on the evening we met him, we brought him a large superhero ballon my hubby picked out. It was around 6pm, dark and raining outside and I wasn't going to do the photos until my hubby and his uncle had the idea to use a flood light! My first reaction was, no, I only shoot in natural daytime lighting. They insisted that it would work and with that bright light and some work with photoshop these photos turned out beautiful!
I'm so thrilled for this little guy's parents and can't wait to watch him grow and be part of this big family.

New babe

My brother and his wife just had their third girl last Saturday. Its been fun having kids the same time most of my siblings are (time to catch up Michelle!! jk ;) I love that all the cousins get to grow up together.
We are still waiting for our bundle of joy to show up, going on almost 5 days overdue....maybe we'll have a Cinco De Mayo babe! :O

Newborn Photography~Mason Wallace Kuhn

Introducing the newest, and for now, cutest member of the family, my nephew Mason Wallace Kuhn! He was born on Friday February 3rd to my oldest sister Heather and hubby Darryl. His older brother Dylan is by far the sweetest bigger brother I've seen. I'm so blessed to have some of the cuteset nieces and nephews.

Dylan is such a proud big brother

I call this one on the left his buddha pose :)

I've got my eye on you!!

this last one on the left melts my heart♥

Little Bodhi

This little guy is my cousin's first baby boy, hopefully not her last because she and her hubby make some pretty adorable babies if you ask me!! ;) He made his grand entrance into this world 5 weeks early!....little guy couldn't wait!
He is growing bigger and stronger everyday and before you know it will be crawling and walking all over the place. Congratulations Rachel and Steve.

2010 ~ A year in rewind

Another year has come and gone. 2010 was a huge blessing in sooo many ways and I am very greatful for everything. I am especially grateful to all my amazing clients this year, you have all helped make my dreams come true. I have made some new friends and learned so much to guide me on this journey and I can't wait to see where it will take me.

Photography has opened my eyes to the beauty of life, the cherished moments that are captured to last forever and be remembered.

I am bursting with excitement about what this coming year will bring. New friends, experiences, projects, ideas, inspiration, growth, and lots of new captured memories!

Happy New Year!