Sophia and Aria //San Diego Maternity Photography //Mommy and Me

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

Becoming a Mom 6 years ago has been the biggest blessing and most rewarding jobs ever. This lovely mama is about to have not one, not two, but three beautiful girls to mother. I’m so happy I was able to capture such a special time for Sophia with her oldest daughter, Aria. I remember wanting to soak up every minute with my first before my second was born.

This beautiful, intimate mother daughter session has inspired me to do so many more sessions like this in the studio. I have an opportunity for these on May 4th, I’m hosting Mother’s Day mini sessions. Spots are filling up quick and I would love to be able to give this beautiful gift to as many mamas as possible. There is a button at the bottom of this post to inquire about booking.

Click this button to inquire about booking for the Mother’s Day Mini Sessions!

Click this button to inquire about booking for the Mother’s Day Mini Sessions!

Mother's Day Studio Sessions

I am so excited to put together this special event to celebrate Mamas! I can't think of anything I could want more, besides maybe a nap or spa day, then beautiful photos of my family. Our kiddos grow and change so quickly, having images of them is such a special way to remember. 


Date - Saturday April 22nd 

Time slots - 10:00am
              11:00 am

Price - $200 

45 minute session both inside the Christy Golder Photography Studio, located in Pine Valley California, as well as outside of studio surrounded by tall trees.

Mama's, You will also be treated to yummy snacks 
(I'll have snacks for your kiddos too because we all know that food makes them happier and we want happy kiddos for pictures), mimosas and a little gift from me to.


I've put together a little Q&A to hopefully answer any questions you might have about this special event.

WHO is this event/special for?
I'm opening up my home studio for one day only to offer a special gift of beautiful images for Mother's Day. Families of 4 (maximum, maybe 5, due to limited space) Mommy and me (if Dad can't or doesn't feel like being in photos because lets face it most of them don't ;)
Grandma's want some sweet images with your grandbabies?! Expecting parents, you deserve to celebrate Mother's Day too! 

WHAT is the event for? WHAT should I wear? 
This event, being hosted by yours truly, Christy Golder is for me to offer a special day and time just for you Mama's. Photos make the perfect gift to yourself, your parents (grandparents) and family. I personally understand how stressful it can be to put together outfits for not only yourself but whole family! My best advice is to look at what's already in your closet, why spend extra money if you don't have to! Coordinate, don't match, look for complimenting colors and patterns. Start with yourself (Mom) then move on to the rest. Find clothes that you will be comfortable in, you will be sitting, laying on the bed and snuggling those babies of yours :)
For ideas check out PINTEREST 

WHEN is the session?
This special Mother's Day session will only be held on one day, take advantage! I will only have 5 time slots available so be quick to snatch up one for you!

WHERE is the session?
I've set up my home studio just for you and this Mother's Day session! My home is in Pine Valley California (address will be given at time of booking session) surrounded by beautiful mountains, trees and outdoor fresh air! My studio has a comfy bed for you and your family to snuggle on during your session. I'll have books for you to read to your kiddos as an activity to keep them interested. If you have a special blanket, book or anything you want to incorporate in your session please bring it along!

WHY are you hosting/offering this special session? Why should I take part in this event?
I'm glad you asked! ;) Being a mama myself I hold tight to the memories I have with my babies, especially the photos!
I wanted to do something special for all you other mamas because you deserve it!
Talking money is not my favorite part of this photography gig but I am offering a big savings for these sessions. I typically charge $300 for an outdoor family session. Having two locations for these sessions gives you more!

Hope that can answer some questions! And I hope it gets you excited for this Mother's Day Event I'm hosting because I am! On to the photos of a mommy and me session I did in the studio!