Tessman Family//San Diego Family Photography

Shooting with families is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. Watching the interaction, connection and love flow through each person and the whole group is pretty special. Of course we all have our issues and quirks, no family is perfect but isn’t that what makes it so beautiful!?


Evan//Lifestyle Newborn session//San Diego Newborn Photographer

This Newborn session is so near and dear to my heart, I’m so thankful I get the opportunity to photograph family and all their seasons of life! These two have been waiting a long time to grow their family and I am so happy Evan has come into their lives forever.

In home Lifestyle Newborn sessions are , in my opinion, one of the most authentic ways to capture this precious time. What better place to shoot in than in your own home!? Its the best environment for mama, baby and the rest of the family.


Evan Stowell

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.


Are you expecting a new baby and interested in a Newborn Session? I’d love to help answer any questions and get you in front of my camera to capture this special time in your life! Click below to learn more!

365 project-March 2019/San Diego Portrait Photography/personal

So out of 30 days I only have 10 images for the month of March, I’m thinking I should put a reminder in my phone to take a photo a day. I’ve noticed doing this project has made me pay attention to details and thinking outside of the box or my norm of shooting.


March 1st 2019- a visit to the plant store to pick out some new plant babies. River named one “Charlie”


March 3rd-Smiley boy


March 4th-”I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”


March 7th-Always dancing


March 8th-Details I don’t ever want to forget. I can’t wait to recreate this photo when they are older.


March 15th- Watching her do these simple things that she loves, like painting or drawing, makes me so happy.


March 18th- Morning cartoons


March 20th-Visits from Nonnie are always fun.


March 24th- Warm days


March 25th- Spending the day with cousins, playing at the park


March 30th- Visiting grandma and grandpa in Redding, making new memories over spring break.

Stephanie and Lochlan

When Stephanie first contacted me about scheduling a session with her and her boy Lochlan, I got really excited and had some amazing ideas come to mind! These two are not only adorable with a great sense of style but I loved watching them and their special bond as mom and son. We started out at one of their favorite San Diego coffee shops, darkhorse coffee roasters in North Park, then walked around and stumbled upon the coolest book store and my favorite shop, Pigment.

These are hands down some of my favorite images from 2018. Thank you again Stephanie for the privilege to document such a special part of your life.


Life Lately-personal post

Hi!! Hope your having a fabulous thursday! Mine is going great except for the fact that I have a cold, but I'm sitting on the couch all morning with coffee in hand working, so I can't complain too much ;) 
It's been so long since I've done a personal post, I love being able to look back at these to see how much has changed and how much my babies have grown. 
Hunter had his spring break about a week ago and got 2 whole weeks off from school! We had a few days out and about doing fun things but mostly stayed home. We had fun Easter morning going through the kids baskets and getting ready for Easter at my mother in laws.

I was feeling inspired by a Pinterest find and decided to make these dirt cupcakes with chocolate covered strawberries, they were delish and super cute right!?! 

Went to visit my big bro in Temecula one day! How adorable is my niece?!

Hunter has been doing soccer for the spring season and so far likes it, here's some photos at one of his saturday games.
Its pretty cute watching all these 4-6 year olds chasing after this ball, there's basically no white lines when your this little. 

River has been loving her ballet classes and is getting really good! 

She has also become quite the chicken whisperer, which is major progress from when we first brought these girls home. She asks me a couple times a day "Mama, can we go check on the baby chicks?" its pretty cute. We finished the coop this past weekend, except for a few minor things that need to be done in the future. I will post more pictures of that soon because it turned out super adorable!!

Lilah - newborn lifestyle session

My heart is just bursting with happiness for this family right here! Little Lilah Penelope (cutest name right?!) is such a beautiful mix of both Levi and Samantha. 

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. -Winnie the Pooh

The joy a newborn brings to the home is a feeling that can only be described or understood if you've experienced it for yourself. It is also a time that goes by far too quickly and you want to soak up every minute as much as possible (except for maybe all those sleepless nights and fussing). 
Congratulations Kottas family and thank you again for having me in your home for such a special session.

Blueberry crumble muffins

I am not a baker. However, I do enjoy baked goods. I found this recipe for blueberry crumble muffins the other day on PINTEREST that the kids and I whipped together in about 30 minutes. I will not disclose how many I indulged in but lets just say they are pretty amazing. The perfect blend of flavors, not dry at all! 
P.S. I had them in the oven for about 20 minutes, it recommended 20-25 minutes and I used half and half instead of buttermilk because that is what I had on hand.

you can find the RECIPE HERE on my Pinterest Board.

Life lately

Its been so long since I've written a personal post on my blog! I love looking back on these, seeing the photos and reading about all the small things that make up this life of ours. We moved into our new home in the mountain town of Pine Valley CA in the middle of June, time slow down! Doesn't feel like we have been here for almost 6 months. We absolutely love it here and are slowly making the house feel like our home, there are times where I really miss our old place though. Its about 45 minutes away from most of our friends and family but we knew that we would have to sacrifice a few things to have what we felt was most important for our family.
We put Hunter into a new preschool about 15 minutes from home and he's been doing great there! He just turned 4 in August and is obsessed with Legos. River turned 2 in May and I'm still holding onto her being my baby, no matter how big she gets! We tried potty training her a few weeks ago but she wasn't quite ready, but she is in a big girl bed now and loves having her own room. We love being outside here everyday either playing around the house or going on walks up the street to visit the goats, horses and even turtles! We can also walk to the library and park or friends houses!
I'm getting so excited for our "first" holidays here, decorating and hosting friends and family. Plus we will get snow! I seriously can't wait! 

The Orr Family

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this adorable family. This sweet little girly learned how to blow kisses and gave some big smiles while her big brother had a hard time warming up to me, I got some sweet smirks out of him :)
I'm getting excited for Summer to get here and the opportunity to shoot more families and babies. Send me an email to schedule your session! christygolderphotography@gmail.com
Happy Monday




Emanuel Newborn Photography

Meet Emanuel, believe it or not my husband's newest cousin. Born 3 weeks ago, this tiny guy is the cutest newborn! I took these photos on the evening we met him, we brought him a large superhero ballon my hubby picked out. It was around 6pm, dark and raining outside and I wasn't going to do the photos until my hubby and his uncle had the idea to use a flood light! My first reaction was, no, I only shoot in natural daytime lighting. They insisted that it would work and with that bright light and some work with photoshop these photos turned out beautiful!
I'm so thrilled for this little guy's parents and can't wait to watch him grow and be part of this big family.

Easter 2016

  Easter this year was so much fun and an absolutely beautiful day spent with family to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for each and everyone of us. Our day started bright and early, as everyday with toddler's does, the kids found they're easter baskets pretty quickly and started digging in. I tried to limit the sugar because I knew they would be getting some later in the day. I filled a couple eggs with some coins, Hunter loves getting money. River got new undies, I'm not even close to being ready for potty training...ugh. but figured I would start adding to her collection for when we are ready. They also got the Good Dinosaur movie, bubbles, bath bubbles fruit snacks and some coloring books with stickers and crayons.
After baskets we got ready and went to early church service before we headed to my hubby's Aunt's house to be with his Mom's side of the family. The rest of the day was spent there chasing kids around, visiting (including my two adorable nieces), eating lots of great food, blowing bubbles and an easter egg hunt.
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Second blessing

I remember being pregnant with River feeling so nervous about having another baby and wondering how my heart could expand to love another. The moment she came into this world those fears were gone because my heart did grow and I couldn't imagine our life without her.
My beautiful sister in law and her hubby are about to have their second daughter, any day now!!! I can't wait for them to experience that amazing love all over again. I know my niece Kennedi will be a wonderful big sister.

Project 52 - 1/52

One of my goals for challenging myself as a photographer in 2014,  is joining in project 52. I'm taking a photo every week to document my daily life. It will not only help me to think outside the box by getting creative with my subjects and angles but it will be a way for me to look back at the past year.
Week 1 of 52
I love watching these two play together. I catch a glimpse of Hubby as a kid and get to see the wonder in Hunter's eyes.

Making 2014 count

With the arrival of baby #2 coming up and a growing toddler I've really been thinking about what I want and hope our life to look like this coming year.  Its so important that God and my family come first. My babies will only be "babies" for so long, they need their Mama and my husband needs to know I will always be his best friend and partner through it all.
I want to make 2014 count by being in the "present". So many times I find myself getting caught up in my to-do list, I dwell so much on the things that need to be checked off that list (I also think I have pregnancy OCD) that I miss opportunities to be in the present with the ones I love.

In order to be in the present I need organization in my life. Therefore I have started lists, many lists....maybe too many. I know this contradicts what I just stated, but my before lists were more scattered in my head and not realistic goals written down.
I have written down goals for my home, relationships and myself. Some have timelines and others are simply reminders to keep my thoughts and attitude focused on what and who matters most.  
This coming April I will be a fulltime stay at home Mama, I am over-joyed and extremely nervous at the same time. It has always been so important to me to be home when I had children. I realize not every Mom has the opportunity to do so and we are taking a risk by letting go of my income. I trust that God will provide and with organization and a plan it will be manageable. Please pray for my sanity!!! ;)

What are your goals for 2014? Have you thought about setting any? I'm linking up with other bloggers to share.


2013 Holiday sessions - Part two

Here it is! Part two of my end of 2013 sessions. Again, I want to thank all my clients for helping make this year so wonderful. I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am for this gift of photography.
Thinking about this new year and setting goals, personal and professional, one goal I want to set is challenging myself as a photographer. Now to sit down and write out specific ways to do this!
One way of challenging myself is to do PROJECT 52. One photo, once a week for a year that I will share here on the blog. It will be a way of challenging my photography and documenting my personal life. I'm excited to see how I can get a new perspective on capturing the beauty of everyday life. I love having lifestyle images of my family. Some of my most cherished images are the candid verses the posed shots.
Wishing you all a wonderful rest of 2013, hoping you are spending it with the ones you love. Here's to 2014!



Outfit Ideas

I've been asked by all my clients before their sessions; What do I wear?? So here it is, my advice for picking out your families outfits. Trust me I'm no expert on fashion and I want all my clients to feel comfortable in their own clothing and style.
First things first, be true to YOUR style and personality. 
Pick clothes from your own closet
You want your photos to reflect you and your family. Plus you'll save a ton of money and stress of shopping at the busy mall for outfits, who wants to go shopping anyway!!?!?! ;)
Coordinate, but don't be matchy matchy
Ok so you know those tacky 80's pictures where each family member is wearing exactly the same thing?! Yeah, don't do that. Pick items that compliment each other and coordinate. Try and pick 3 complimentary colors to work with. Here's a few of my family pictures for examples, there's blues, creams, and browns in our outfits

Ok so the boys shirts have the same pattern but are not the same color.
Clothing with texture and movement
There's texture in the jean material, the lace on my dress and our belts, plus I accessorized with jewelry. Pattern also makes pictures pop, just don't have too much. Remember that accessories, texture and pattern can make an image POP! Or in other words more visually appealing. Flowy clothing can also add that visual appeal. 

Hopefully some of my advice can help when your picking out your outfits. My best advice again is to try and be yourself, choose clothing and accessories that compliment and reflect you.

Check out this article written by blogger, photographer Paint the Moon. She has some great tips and advice on outfits and tips for your photo session.
Here's another article written by Mandy at the Sugar Bee Blog


Robertson Family

I remember thinking when I was pregnant with Hunter that there was a possibility I could be pregnant with twins. Both my Dad's parents are a set of twins, so someone on my Dad's side is bound to have twins! So far no one has.
I would be thrilled and terrified at the same time to be having twins especially since we already have Hunter! But I'm pretty sure my doctor only found 1 heartbeat at my last appointment ;)
On to this lovely family with two twin boys! Nate and Dyana were blessed with these two cuties, Brandon and Bryson a year and a half ago. While they have their hands full they will tell you that their hearts are fuller. These two are filled with energy and personality and get the privilege of growing up with a best friend. 
Thank you for the opportunity to capture your sweet family!