Lake Tahoe

Well I can finally check Lake Tahoe off my bucket list! I can't wait to go back again, maybe next year?! There was so much to see and do and great for families. We explored Cascade lake waterfall, Popes and Sand Harbor beaches, Truckee River, the local farmers market, plus had a gorgeous/huge mansion for all 20 plus of my hubby's extended family. 

On our last day there we learned there was a black bear just hanging out all day in our neighbors tree!! Its hard to see but its in the middle tree.

My favorite spot on our trip was east Lake Tahoe in Sand Harbor beach. The water there was unbelievably clear blue, I just had to jump in, climb some rocks and explore.
Be adventurous ;)

Alaksa-part one

 We had such an amazing time on our Alaskan cruise taking in the sites and spending quality time with family, all 29 of us! We couldn't have asked for better weather, the only rain we had was on our last port in Ketchikan. I HIGHLY recommend this cruise to anyone interested in seeing Alaska. I've gone through and edited our first part of the trip to put together this post.
We flew into Anchorage Alaska, then took a train the next day to Seward Alaska where our ship was docked. Unfortunately I had my nice camera packed in my checked bag so I didn't have it on the train ride. The first day was out to sea and on the second day we went through glacier bay and I'll say that the photos don't even do it justice, you must see it in person. The contrast between the snowy mountain peaks to the green trees and the crystal blue water was breathtaking. For some reason blogger uploaded these photos out of order, which doesn't really matter and no one knows except for the people that were on the trip. anyway..... theres not much to share about the first part of our trip so I'll save all that for part two. I hope you enjoy the photos!