Chalkboard paint!

This past weekend I painted my garage door with chalkboard paint. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I also painted a frame I had on a dresser in my dining room. It was a very easy process, I cleaned the door first then did about 3 coats of paint. I let it dry for 3 days then it was ready to use!

Below is my command center complete with calendar, bulletin board and all the essentials

I'm thinking of painting the kitchen either this seafoam green/blue or a light blue like below. Not sure yet what I want to do.



Lace Chandeliers

Look what I made!! Ok so mine don't look as pretty as the other picture, thats because my room is a mess! I might leave them in our second bedroom since they are a little "girly". They could be really pretty with a light inside them or just as they are! They would also make a beautiful and inexpensive decoration for a wedding or shower.

haha.. don't mind the blue tape holding them, I haven't decided where to hang them yet....or the boxes on the floor :)



So lately I have been keeping busy with all kinds of crafts and home improvements.
Today I found this fun project on a blog and I thought it would be fun and easy! It literally took me about 10 minutes to complete this project! I think it could be a cute gift idea for another crafter or even a new wife, maybe I'll make one and send it to my sissy Michelle!

All you need is

one mason jar



glue gun

Cut your fabric to fit around the lid and hot glue it to the other side with the cotton/filling in between, screw on the lid, fill the jar with sewing thread and stick some pushpins in the top!

This weekend I will be painting the garage door in my kitchen with chalkboard paint!! I can't wait to write all kinds of notes and inspirational quotes :)