DIY: fall fabric pumpkins

I have a really fun DIY fall project for you! I LOVE fall and everything that comes with it, expecially Thanksgiving, cooler weather, sweaters, warm drinks, warm apple pies, using my fireplace, leaves changing color (although living in San Diego you don't get much of that). So I found this really easy and fun DIY decoration! Heres a list of everything you need to make this little cuties.


sewing machine (if you dont have one it may just take longer)

needle and thread

glue gun

yard or ribbon

fiber insert or "stuffing" as I call it

beans (any kind of bean is fine, they are used to weigh them down)

Step 1. cut out a square size piece of fabric (I did different sizes so my pumpkins wouldn't all be a same)turn it inside out and fold it once to make a rectangle then sew the other side.

Step 2.gather the fabric on one end and sew a loose line around the entire end. Once you have sewn all the way around, pull the thread to cinch it together, kind of like a draw string bag! hope that makes sense :)

Step 3. sew the end together so the gathered pieces stay in tack!

Step 4. turn the fabric right side out and fill the bottom of your pumpkin with beans

Step 5. fill your pumpkin with fiber "stuffing", you may need to cut the other end if you have too much fabric as I did.
Step 6. sew the open end the same way you did the bottom of the pumpkin and pull the tread until the pumpkin is closed up, then sew securely together.

Step 7. now you have your round pumpkin sewn together! to add definition I strung yard (you can also use ribbon or rope) around the pumpkin about 3 times. The same way you wrap ribbon around a box for a present, then tie the end!
Step 8. cut a different piece of fabric for the stem of the pumpkim, turn it inside out and sew together.

Step 9. turn the stem right side out and fill with fiber "stuffing" . Glue the stem to the top of the pumpkin

and voilà!!! you have yourself a cute little fabric pumpkin to add to your fall decor.

I have to thank my hunny for helping me and putting up with fabric and stuffing all over the house for a few days with all my projects ( I'll put some others on the blog too). I'm fixing up my spare room into a craft/office space area so he won't have to see all my "stuff" :) thanks hun.

speaking of fall and all that goodness, I am loving my new candle from walmart! It was only $5
it smells sooooo yummy