Kuhn Family ~ San Diego Portrait Photography

I have been soo blessed with an amazing family. We all have really close relationships and a strong bond that will last forever. A new addition to our family was added last february, my ridiculously adorable nephew, Dylan. He is the first nephew and grandchild in the Barr clan so obviously he is a little spoiled with ALL the attention. "Sorry Dylan it won't last forever"! My brother's first born daughter is coming in April!

I meet my sister and her family headed at Border's Bookstore for a few holiday photos because unfortunately is had been raining all day. Dylan LOVES books so of course a bookstore would get his attention.

A few of my favorite things about the christmas season are decorating, picking out a tree, baking cookies, christmas specials on TV, hanging out with family, cozy sweaters, fires in the fire place and of course capturing family photos!!