Boudoir FAQ


Preparing for a boudoir session

Answering all your FAQ

I get so any questions concerning boudoir sessions, so I put together this FAQ blogpost to answer them for you!


Every single woman comes into a shoot with nerves, period. We all have our self doubt, insecurities, and reasons (excuses) we come up with to say no to doing something like this for ourselves.

The first hurdle to tackle is actually booking. Just do it, don’t put it off. Schedule the shoot.

My second piece of advice is words of affirmation, praise your great qualities and learn to fall in love with exactly who you are today! Tell yourself everyday you deserve this form of self love, you are worthy, you are beautiful!

Put on your favorite music that gets you pumped up and feeling sexy and practice some posing!! It may sound and feel weird but it works! Dance, take some cute selfies, put on clothes that make you feel great.

The day of, please put your trust in me. I’m your friend, I’m here to guide you, pose you to look your absolute best. Let yourself have fun, let loose and step outside of your comfort zone a little, you will not regret it.


You will never be left alone to figure out how to pose…. I guide you through every step.


I do not charge extra to use items from my client closet. I have purchased over 30 options ranging in sizes small to large. Bras and pantie sets, high waisted, thongs, bodysuits, tanks, lace, velvet, even some jewelry pieces!

This is just one of the ways that allows me to offer each one of my clients a luxury one of a kind boudoir experience.

Here’s just a few pieces from the client closet.

Will you crop out my belly, fix my blemishes, brusies and “problem areas”?

Here’s my game plan from start to finish:

  1. I help you decide what to wear that will best compliment your body, taste and specific style that you want to achieve.

  2. I ask what your favorite features are about you and do my best to highlight those.

  3. Each pose you will be doing will be done, to put it in simple words, to make you look your absolute best. Using certain angles and the most appealing lighting.

  4. Post processing I will typically smooth things out and remove anything (within reason) that you were not born with. I pride myself in keeping the images I take true to life while also making you glow and look your absolute best.

No I will not remove moles, take away rolls, tighten your stomach or make you look any smaller or larger than you already are.

Here’s a before and after for an example.



I totally understand that a Boudoir session is an investment, although totally worth it, something that needs to be planned ahead and I try my very best to make it possible for every one to do it!

If booked far enough in advance I do offer your package total to be broken up into 3 payments!

Please email or fill out the form on my contact page to learn more and see how YOU can afford a boudoir experience!


I have three different packages to choose from when booking a session.

All including digital images and product credit to purchase additional digitals, prints, and albums! I highly encourage my clients to get their photos off the computer and displayed in frames or albums, this is why all my packages include a credit towards purchasing products.

Each babe that books a session is treated with hair and makeup done by a professional artist right in the studio, champagne, access to the client closet and a client prep guide to best prepare for their session!


If you have any other questions that I did not answer please don’t hesitate to reach out and make sure your following my pages for any promotions and giveaways!!

XOXO babes

Boudoir Styled Shoot

I put together my very first styled boudoir shoot with the help of Sarah of beauty bespoken, who is a fabulous makeup artist. Boudoir photography has quickly become one of my favorite things to shoot, I can't get enough and I love showing women how beautiful they are! 
If you are interested in a session at my studio or even your home, I would love to chat more with you. 
You can email me at

Please follow all of the vendors that helped with this beautiful shoot!
Makeup by Sarah beautybespoken

Hair by Holly instagram

Jewelry by Jennifer housgoods

Models Devon and Melanie Devon Melanie

If you would like to see more of my work please follow my instagram page, sorry guys, ladies only!! Boudoir by Christy

We had a florist lined up but unfortunately at the last minute couldn't deliver the flowers. I love putting together arrangements, although I am not a professional, I had fun putting the bouquets together. All photos were done in my home studio, located in Pine Valley CA. 

Three FAQ about photography sessions

Hi! Happy almost friday! I absolutely love the weekends because it always means family time and usually a photography session or event. I've had some beautiful sessions all around San Diego recently with perfect weather, right now is the best time (before it gets too hot) to have photos taken. Then again we always seem to have the perfect weather here!
This post it meant to help answer a few questions I get regularly, in hopes to make it easier for you to schedule your desired session with me! Again, if you have any questions about a session please don't hesitate to ask! I'm even happy to take you out for coffee to meet in person!

The first question/concern I'm going to address (also the most uncomfortable topic to talk about, so we'll get it out of the way first) that might be holding you back from a session is 

"I don't have the extra money to book a session!"

I totally understand not always having extra money for things that aren't in our budget. My best piece of advice for this is to plan ahead! So we're in the month of June, lets say you want to book a session for sometime in September, this gives you 3 months of setting aside some money. I require a deposit to book any session, typically $50-100, and that deposit will hold your date and time for you, so when I recommend booking your session now this doesn't mean you need to come up with all the money right now. I also accept credit cards now through which has helped tremendously with my workflow, contracts, and even other contacts in the creative industry.

The second question/concern I want to address is

"I don't have the time to set aside for a session"

Life gets busy, things come up and before we know it we haven't gotten around to doing all the things we wanted to! Again, plan ahead, this way we have something on the calendar and can plan life around this. Planning ahead can also set your mind at ease about saving money, finding outfits and sitting down with me to plan your perfect session!

The final question/concern I want to talk about has to do with our body image, not wanting to be in photos because we "need to lose a few more pounds", "hate the way my body, hair, face, mind is after having babies", "not liking my smile", "my double chin", "I'm not tan enough, skinny enough, pretty enough" 


I have said all these things at some point, I'm still a work in progress, but learning to love myself the way I am, double chin and all ;)
Please don't let this be the reason that's holding you back from getting photos done. I've had several of my clients tell me after a session, even boudoir, that they are so happy I captured this time in their lives and were happy they didn't let these issues or concerns hold them back. 
You won't get this time of your life back, time passes, kids grow, people change and your photos are such a beautiful, tangible way of remembering. I've gotten so much joy looking through old and recent photos of me with my loved ones that those concerns don't even matter at this point. 

Boudoir Marathon

I'm super excited to offer my first Boudoir Marathon! What is a boudoir marathon you ask? Basically a mini session dedicated to making you feel beautiful! My boudoir style is best described as classy, playful, sweet and intimate with as much sexiness as you (the client) want to bring to the table. This is a great opportunity to get some photos done before Valentines Day to give to your guy or bring your guy along for a sweet, cozy cuddle session!

What's included?
-Makeup done by my super talented friend Chelsea
-Yummy treats
-30 minute boudoir session by me
-20 digital images
-8x8 fabric covered photo book



email me to request your preferred time slot, only 4 sessions available

A $100 deposit will be due at time of booking and will go toward the total amount. Remaining balance due on or before date of Boudoir Marathon by cash, check or paypal invoice.

The boudoir marathon will be shot in my guest house studio using a bed, chair, blankets and whatever else you feel like bringing that might add to your session.

to view a gallery of a recent boudoir session click here to receive password. All my boudoir sessions are private and require password, images from boudoir sessions are only shared with signed permission from client.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Sarah ~ Boudoir

I am soooo excited to FINALLY blog this girl's gorgeous boudoir photos!! She gave them to her husband, who was stationed in Kuwait, yesterday for a christmas present. I am so happy that her husband was able to come home to share these with him.
Of course I can't share all of them with you, a few of them are for her hubby's eyes only ;)
Thank you again Sarah and I hope your husband loves them as much as you do.

♥ Christy