The Stylish Housewife-Blogger Shoot

Besides having the two blogger shoots at the workshop I attended I have never shot with a blogger before! I met Jenn through instagram, she is the stylish housewife and blogs about fashion. We had such a great time walking around Westfield UTC mall and got some really great shots. It was so nice to meet you Jenn and look forward to working with you again in the future!

Daydreamer Workshop

One of my big goals for 2017 was to attend a workshop. Education is an ongoing important part of not only business but in our everyday life. I knew that attending a workshop was something I needed and wanted to do in order to keep learning, improving my skills and gaining knowledge that would benefit my photography business. 
I found the DAYDREAMERS WORKSHOP on one of the facebook groups I'm in. Sam and Erica, husband and wife photography team, were the ones behind putting on this workshop that approximately 12 photographers attended. What intrigued me about this particular workshop, besides the fact that its pretty much the only local one for me, was the description. 


So glad you asked! Adventure photography is just that, an adventure! We learn best by stepping out of our comfort zones and "go-to" locations for photography. In this workshop, we are going to venture out into places not usually traveled to explore and create some epic pictures. 

One of the many aspects I LOVE about photography is the adventure in it! Each session, environment, clients, experience is different and an exciting unexpected adventure for me! 
I had such an amazing time getting to know other photographers, shooting with them, networking, learning how they do things and creating new friendships! 
All the vendors that participated with their goods/services killed it too! Thank you all for the experience and good time!


Florals  Leah-bespoke occasions
Makeup Ariel
Felt Florals created by coco
Jewelry wild cloud
Cake Rachel