Finley family

I had the great opportunity to capture so many families in 2017, I honestly feel so blessed to get asked to do this! An old friend reached out to me for a family session as well as first birthday photos for their beautiful little girl. Finley family, thank you again for entrusting me with such special memories! 

Daniel & Abby - Engaged

This engagement session was such a dream to photograph, I was pretty excited when Abby said she wanted to shoot their photos at Balboa Park. There's soooo many spots there to choose from it can actually be a little overwhelming! Plus I didn't want to capture photos focused on the location but rather this gorgeous couple and their sweet connection, I think the photos tell a beautiful story of their relationship. Daniel and Abby thank you so much for the privilege of capturing your love story. 

I also loved that they wanted to include their two fur babies! Incorporating your personality and life into your session is something that I encourage all my clients to do!

Flower crown was made by me

Robertson Family

I remember thinking when I was pregnant with Hunter that there was a possibility I could be pregnant with twins. Both my Dad's parents are a set of twins, so someone on my Dad's side is bound to have twins! So far no one has.
I would be thrilled and terrified at the same time to be having twins especially since we already have Hunter! But I'm pretty sure my doctor only found 1 heartbeat at my last appointment ;)
On to this lovely family with two twin boys! Nate and Dyana were blessed with these two cuties, Brandon and Bryson a year and a half ago. While they have their hands full they will tell you that their hearts are fuller. These two are filled with energy and personality and get the privilege of growing up with a best friend. 
Thank you for the opportunity to capture your sweet family!

Shooting stuff

My hubby and I, we like to shoot stuff. He shoots animals with his gun and bow, I shoot people..............with my camera of course!! Last night we went out to balboa park to their archery range so he could practice. It wasn't my idea of an exciting date night, but I really had a great time shooting my hubby ;) and watching him shoot! He's my Robin hood :)


Getting bored.....