Luke's First Birthday Session//Cake Smash//San Diego Children's Photographer

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE shooting first birthday cake smashes!?!? All of my little birthday client’s come to the studio and I custom order the yummiest and cutest cakes from Donalee. We start with some portraits in their nice clothes then move onto the fun, messy part!! I keep these sessions simple and easy for the littles, typically shoot them playing with a toy or capture them crawling or walking around.

Luke Copeland turned ONE in april and his mama picked the cutest farmer/cowboy theme! I was pretty excited that he LOVED his cake, not all little ones know what to do with a massive cake in front of them!!

Ok Mom, I’m all done!!!  Interested in a birthday/cake smash session for your little one!? Click the link below to inquire about booking!

Ok Mom, I’m all done!!!

Interested in a birthday/cake smash session for your little one!? Click the link below to inquire about booking!

5 tips on how to plan for photos with kids

As a Mom, you try to be prepared as possible with your littles everyday. You can anticipate their needs and be ready with things such as snacks, diapers, activities, the list can go on and on. 
When booking and planning for photos with your kids you may not know what to expect. 
I've put together my top five list of tips on how to prepare and go through a session with kids smoothly and as stress free as possible. 

Pick a session time that is ideal for your kids. Most photographers will suggest and say they recommend sunset hour (golden hour) and while I prefer that time of day for lighting I also understand that it may be too close to bedtime for your littles. If that's the case they will probably not be in their best moods that time of day, then I would recommend an early morning or sometime after nap time and we can still get some beautifully lite photos. 
This photo was taken in the middle of the day, the light is a little more harsh but its still a great shot! 

choose outfits that are comfortable and easy for kids to move around in. Both of my kids are sensitive to tags and certain fabrics. Therefore I know they will complain if there is a itchy tag in their shirts or an uncomfortable waist band on pants. I'm obsessed with flower crowns but I also know that not every little girl is going to be ok with wearing one. It's always worth a try but don't force something otherwise there might be lots of tears in photos. 

Plan to bring something fun to play with or an activity that your kids will enjoy! Bubbles, a picnic, a favorite stuffed animal, a fun game such as ring around the rosie or dancing are always a fun way to get kids distracted if they are over it or starting to throw a fit. During a session I will always suggest a fun game like peek a boo or dancing to get some giggles.

SNACKS! Kids can eat none stop, sometimes I like to take a break in the middle of a session for a quick snack! Remember to bring something that won't stain faces or clothes. I also suggest bringing or offering some kind of treat at the end of the session. I'm not against bribing kids for great photos, sometimes it works like a charm!!

Go with the flow.
At the end of the day kids will be kids. We can't always predict their mood changes and even though it can be frustrating we can't flip a switch and turn it off, even though that would be awesome! Of course we all want "the perfect shot" with everyone smiling and looking at the camera. I'd say most if not all of my sessions I can at least get one of those in your gallery.

Some of my favorite images are the in between moments, the candids, everything may not be going exactly the way you pictured it but the moment, together, is being captured and honestly as a mom I'm so grateful for every image of me with my kiddos.

If you are interested in a session I'd love to chat more!!

Smiler Family

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday eating too much food and visiting with family, I just love the holidays. We had a busy day going to and from 3 different houses to visit all of our family, I'm exhausted but it was worth it!
I wanted to share every single one of the photos from this family session, they are the cutest! I picked some of my favorites to show you, we even got a few of the littlest in her birthday outfit. Thanks again Smiler Family!
Have a great rest of your holiday weekend!

Holiday mini sessions

My favorite time of the year is approaching, as much as I love all the warm and fuzzies about the holidays lets face it they can be a little stressful and busy at times.
If you or anyone you know is interested in having family, baby, couples, even your dog's photos taken please contact me to schedule a session. I am currently only offering mini sessions due to time. I will be offering full sessions again after the new year.

Recent sessions

It has been far too long since I shared some of my recent photography work here on the blog! I've been slacking and just plain lazy when it comes to keeping up with my other passion in life (besides my cute babies and hot hubby ;).
I've been incredibly blessed over the past 4 almost 5 years with my photography business, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting and encouraging me through it. I find so much joy out of capturing your babies and families.  


Here's a few recent photos I snapped the other day of my sweet girly!! Showing off her new walking skills, with a few stumbles she's already chasing after her big brother! I love this girl so much and can't believe we'll be celebrating her first birthday so soon. What a joy and blessing she has been to our family. 

I had to include this handsome dude and his "rawr" face, that's pretty much his response to everything (typical boy ;) He has the biggest heart and has been cracking me up lately. Not sure where he comes up with some of the things he says, but its pretty funny. 

DIY farm style dining table

I'm so excited to finally share these photos of my farm style table that my hubby made! For the longest time we were using a cheapo table from ikea, I'm pretty sure it wasn't even a dining room table. I mentioned to my hubby one day how cool it would be to have a farm style dining room table and showed him a picture of one on pinterest, well the next weekend he went out and bought all the material and whipped it together in one afternoon! The staining process took more than one afternoon but the wait was worth it! Plus we never had any real dining room chairs, we were using folding chairs with our cheapo table!! Eww!
We went on a hunt for solid built, unique chairs we could paint white and distress. After a whole afternoon of searching we found these at Cort Furniture Store, for $35 each!! Every other place we went to had similar ones for over $100!
I painted and distressed the chairs then Hubby re-padded and reupholstered the chairs (we do in fact have a fourth chair, its just not quite finished)

Before and after!!
We used the sunbrella fabric on the chairs, it is stain resistant and much more durable than most fabric.

Hubby has also been working his butt off every weekend on our stair remodel. He added another step and leveled off the platform. This weekend he and his Dad built the handrail, next up is carpeting. I'm so excited for this project to be done!!

We got some new lights for the living room since there wasn't much lighting in there and floor lamps weren't really doing the job. Here's our sweet little Hunter curious and happy as always :)

i heart faces ~ Let them be little

This weeks "i heart faces" challenge is, let them be little. My nephew will be 2 this coming february and is the funniest, smartest, silliest and cutest little boy I know. I love this kid to death and really love spending time with him watching him grow and learn. This is him wearing his uncle "neat" (Nate) boots :)

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