DIY farm style dining table

I'm so excited to finally share these photos of my farm style table that my hubby made! For the longest time we were using a cheapo table from ikea, I'm pretty sure it wasn't even a dining room table. I mentioned to my hubby one day how cool it would be to have a farm style dining room table and showed him a picture of one on pinterest, well the next weekend he went out and bought all the material and whipped it together in one afternoon! The staining process took more than one afternoon but the wait was worth it! Plus we never had any real dining room chairs, we were using folding chairs with our cheapo table!! Eww!
We went on a hunt for solid built, unique chairs we could paint white and distress. After a whole afternoon of searching we found these at Cort Furniture Store, for $35 each!! Every other place we went to had similar ones for over $100!
I painted and distressed the chairs then Hubby re-padded and reupholstered the chairs (we do in fact have a fourth chair, its just not quite finished)

Before and after!!
We used the sunbrella fabric on the chairs, it is stain resistant and much more durable than most fabric.

Hubby has also been working his butt off every weekend on our stair remodel. He added another step and leveled off the platform. This weekend he and his Dad built the handrail, next up is carpeting. I'm so excited for this project to be done!!

We got some new lights for the living room since there wasn't much lighting in there and floor lamps weren't really doing the job. Here's our sweet little Hunter curious and happy as always :)